Weekly Training Log (16.12-22.12, Hawaii)

I feel rested after one week of total absence from running. As far as I can tell my body recovered well from the marathon. Now its time to get back to training to prepare for the next big challenge, the H.U.R.T 100, which is a very technical 100mile race (5x20 miles loop) on Oahu / Hawaii. I have heard that this race is one of the toughest 100milers in the US. As always I didn’t think much about the consequences when I signed up for the lottery and eventually got picked ;) 


AM meditation: 1h

70min Easy Run

Total Distance: 13km Total Ascent: -

first run after the post marathon break, my legs felt quite heavy and tired..kind of weird since I expected them to be fresh and light…. 

strength training: 50min foundation training +  40min upper body

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Weekly Training Log (18.11-24.11 Race Week, Xterra Trail World Championship, Hawaii)

I am very excited to for the upcoming race (Xterra Trail World Championship 21km) after a 6-weeks rest from racing. It’s the shortest trail race I have ever entered and I will use this as a tune up race for the upcoming Honolulu Marathon on 8th December. I have been focusing on improving my speed over the last month, less volume but more intervals, tempo and strength sessions. I am feeling pretty good, but would love to have more prep time until the HL marathon. Nevertheless, I can’ t wait to spend the whole winter on Hawaii!!! 


1h50min Intense Hill Repeats (2x20min intervals)

Total Distance: 22km Total Ascent: 600m

Tough session and it went pretty well, but should have pushed harder, was mentally a bit weak today. 

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Weekly Training Log (28.10-3.11)

1month until Xtera World Championship on Hawaii so its time to start with adding speed sessions into my training. My foot feels also ready for more intense sessions! 


4h Trail Run (Mt. Hotaka) 

Total Distance: 11km Total Ascent: 1190m

After a bad weather climb attempt on Mt. Hotaka one day earlier, today we had a superb day and reached the summit of Mt. Hotaka. Took us long to cover that distance due to a very technical climb and ridge section. 


view from the summit of Mt. Hotaka

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Weekly Training Log (21.10-27.10)

Very excited to start after 2 weeks of rest with running again. I have four weeks of preparation until my next event on Hawaii, which is a half marathon trail race (Xterra Trail Run World Championship 21km) , not really my distance, but since I wanted to work on my speed, I decided to enter a short race followed by a full marathon (Honolulu Marathon) two weeks later, which is also my last race of this year. I havent run a marathon since Berlin 2012, so my goal is to go for new PB (sub 2h40) 


80min Easy Run (Hill) 

Total Distance: 14km Total Ascent: 430m

flexibility: 30min foam roller and stretching

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Weekly Training Log 16.9-22.9 (3rd week in Kenya)

After two weeks of intense training in Iten and slightly feeling overtrained, this week I will take it easy on running, and spend some time hiking up on Mt. Kenya (4950m)


AM 70min Easy Run

Total Distance: 12km Total Ascent: 50m

Easy run around Nanyuki city. Body felt quite heavy and the running route was horrible with traffic and muddy roads. 

PM 2h40min Hike

Total Distance: 11km Total Ascent: 713m

Start of the Mt Kenya Hiking trip, went up to 3350m. Body feeling heavy and tired. 

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The Leadville Trail 100 Run 2013 (Race Report)

I have been really bad lately with writing race reports, in fact this might be my first race report this year, and more than 6 weeks after the race, but I am blaming it on my busy schedule with all the traveling mainly a longer trip to Kenya with limited internet access. Well here is a quick summary of my Leadville100 experience.

The Leadville Trail 100 Run (LT100) for me was one of the first races which I put on my bucket list, when I started running ultras 3 years ago. I have to admit, the main reason why I wanted to challenge this race was because of the book “Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall

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Weekly Training Log 9.9 – 15.9 (2nd week in Iten/Kenya)

Second week in Iten, will increase both intensity and volume this week. Also planning to do a long run on Saturday (>50km) before heading back to Nairobi


1h40min Fartlek Run

Total Distance: 21km   Total Ascent: 222m

Great morning run with Adam(5000m elite runner from Australia), felt quite tired in the beginning, but legs loosened after the first 30min.

AM2 80min Easy Run (Treadmill)

Total Distance: 13km Total Ascent: -

Easy run on the treadmill, but incline adjustment was broken, felt like a 3% incline.

PM 50min massage

strength training: 75min ankle strengthening, abs, stretching

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Weekly Training Log 22.7-28.7 

After two weeks of solid training, I will put an easy week in between to give my body a bit more time to recover and especially to acclimatise to the higher altitude of the mile high city. Planning to spend this week in Denver before moving end of this week to Boulder for another intense week of training, the last one before tapering starts. Also very excited that my younger sister will join me for a few days to explore Denver and other places in Colorado.  




AM 80min Fartlek Run 

Total Distance: 17km  Total Ascent: 50m

morning run around the lake in the Sloans Lake Park. Felt pretty strong.

PM 60min Easy Run

Total Distance: 12km  Total Ascent: 50m

easy run once again, around the lake, did 5 loops in total today ;)

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Weekly Training Log 8.7-14.7 

I am feeling recovered from my last race in Italy and before I continue traveling in less than two weeks to Colorado / US for my next race, the Leadville 100 (my second attempt to run 100miles) I will try to train hard this upcoming week. Its good to be back in my mountain house, always changing training ground is exhausting…  


2h40min Medium Long Run 

Total Distance: 30km Total Ascent: 670m 


3h10min  Medium Long Run 

Total Distance: 31.5km  Total Ascent: 940m


90min Easy Run 

Total Distance: 15km Total Ascent: 240m

Grocery shopping ;) Added a few kms to make my grocery shopping a bit more challenging 


90min Tempo Hill Run 

Total Distance: 20km  Total Elevation: 540m 

This road course is one of my favourite, the first uphill section is about 5.5km long with around 300m of elevation gain. I challenged today my own record for the first uphill part (29min) today I managed to run it in 26min30second which is a big improvement! 


2h40min Easy Run 

Total Distance: 26km Total Elevation: 645m

strength training 30min: core and upper body 


5h50min Long Run

Total Distance: 60km Total Elevation: 1495m

Today was my longest single training run I ever did. (previously 55km)
Usually I run this route 30km out and back course on hilly road, but today after I got back to my place, I refueled and went out again. Its mentally quite tought to run the same course twice, but this was also a good practice run, since my next race will be a 50mile out and back course, which I have never done before. 



Today we were supposed to to a long technical trail run, however we decided to skip it. Instead I got a 2h long massage ;) good decision since my body was quite exhausted from a tough week of running. 

Weekly Total:

Run: Distance: 182.5 km Time: 17h20min Total Ascent: 4530m

Strength Training: 30min  Bike: -

As far as I remember, this was my biggest training week in terms of distance I ever did! At the same time I was surprised that I covered this much of elevation. Very satisfying week of training!