OSJ Shigakogen Trail Race 50km on 3rd July 

There is no OSJ trail race which is easy. My first ever trail race was last year’s OSJ race in Adatara and I really struggled to finish the race. So this time I was mentally and physically well prepared to have another tough race. It was also great to have my coach Rorbert Self and fellow runners Colin and Barbara with me, who also entered the race. Shigakogen is a famous winter resort area where I can see myself boarding but I never saw me running ski slopes up and down in the summer. The race starts at the bottom of a ski slope and we climbed/ crawled up more than 4 different ski slopes. The last one was so steep that you almost had to use your hands.  Running down ski slopes requires a different skill and technique, but most importantly: run as fast as you can ;)  Overall the race went really well for me, the weather was perfect, I mastered the up and downhills on the slopes pretty well and I was able to finish 18th overall in 6:42h. I realized that I need to get faster on the technical downhills, where I tend to slow down.(its actually quite scary)  My teammates Colin and Barbara even had a better result. both winning the top spot in their age group. Yay! Great day for all of us!!!!  

Official result: